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Dr. Frederick Herzog honored by SCORE

Special to the Citrus County Chronicle

Dec 13, 2019

Nature Coast SCORE (formerly Citrus County SCORE) recently honored Dr. Frederick Herzog with the National SCORE Emeritus Certification Award. Co-chairs Chuck Kircoaf and Katherine Regan made the presented to Herzog at the annual Christmas membership dinner Friday, December6 in the Garden Room of the Citrus County Golf and Country Club.

Chapter Co-chair Chuck Kircoaf listed Herzog’s accomplishments during his over 10 years of volunteer service to SCORE. Herzog retired in Citrus County in 2006 after selling his Professional Book Fulfillment Center he founded in 1989. He was a client of the SCORE chapter in Chicago.

Herzog was chapter chair of Citrus County SCORE in 2010. Under his leadership, the chapter earned the National SCORE “Top Gun” award. During his tenure, Herzog wrote two monthly columns for the Chronicle called “Ask SCORE” and “Experience Matters.”

During military service, Herzog served in Army hospitals and clinics in the field of clinical psychology during the Vietnam era. Herzog returned to civilian life and entered the field of association management and earning a national certification in Association & Organization Management.

While mentoring SCORE clients, he discovered the large number of nonprofits in Citrus County that needed professional guidance. After his term of office as SCORE chairman, he created the Non Profit Resource Center in Citrus County. His goal was to offer professional services to nonprofit organizations which would allow them to quality for governmental tax benefits from the IRS and the state of Florida.

He created a column titled “Nonprofits Briefs,” which has appeared in the Chronicle since 2014.

At the request of many Citrus community leaders, Herzog established legal status and full state and IRS tax benefits for the Economic Development Authority, the Valerie Theatre, the Memory Enhancement Center of America, Veteran Village of Citrus County and, most recently, the Florida Wellcare Cooperative Alliance.

“Nonprofits support underserved or unmet needs that people, communities, organizations and businesses experience. Nonprofits save tax dollars at the level of municipalities, state and federal government,” said Herzog. “Nonprofits are managed by non-compensated volunteers. They provide leadership, expertise and financial support. One well-managed nonprofit can help hundreds to thousands of people and communities.”